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Three Months into Self Isolation

Lots of Free Time

It has been a long three months with the Covid-19 pandemic all over the world. Books continue to sell well. Yesterday I mailed out a Bell 47 Book to Belgium. Canadian Aviator's Bookshelf program for the sale of aviation books is catching on with numerous ...

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Difficult Times in the World

Self Isolation - Lots of Free Time

Hello to all helicopter enthusiasts: Spring is officially here today, however the whole world is in turmoil due to the Covid-19 virus. Who knows what the future lies for all of us. Most are in self-isolation and hunkered down in their homes waiting for ...

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The Bell 47 Helicopter Book

Hello Helicopter Enthusiasts: Fall is finally here and it is time to think about the upcoming December/January 2019/2020 festive holidays. Why not consider purchasing a highly recommended good book to read during the cold winter months. For all the aviation ...

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A New Year

The Bell 47 Helicopter Story

To all helicopter enthusiasts in 2019:   Now is your opportunity to purchase THE book on the history of the famous and iconic Bell 47 helicopter. I am putting The Bell 47 Helicopter Story on sale for February/March 2019 at the sale price of only ...

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Hello all helicopter enthusiasts: With the holidays approaching in a few weeks, now is the time to purchase that unique book on rotary wing aviation to read during the cold winter days when one cannot get outside. What a perfect time to purchase. Price ...

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August 2018 Blog

Latest News

Hello everyone: The enclosed photo on the left is a picture of the very first helicopter purchased by the Canadian Military for the Royal Canadian Air Force (R.C.A.F.) serial # 9601  back in 1947.The photo was taken by Edmontonian aviation photographer ...

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Latest Website News

What is NEW

Welcome to the latest BLOG.  The picture on the left shows helicopter pioneer Hal Symes holding a copy of The Bell 47 Helicopter Story. Hal was kind enough to do the forward for the Bell 47 Book. Hal is in his early 90s and lives near Atlanta, Georgia. ...

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Latest News

Hello to all visiting the Helicopter History website: The site has been recently updated and is hopefully more user friendly. A second book has been added for sale to the growing list of books on helicopter history. The first book on the Bell 47 Helicopter ...

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Latest News - 2018

February Update 2018

The Bell 47 Book will be available for sale for the special price of $ 75.00 plus postage in 2018. GST tax is required for all books sold in Canada. Important News - The new book for 2018 is a history on the use of Government of Alberta helicopters ...

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Helicopter Book NEWS

Helicopter News UPDATE

Hello Everyone: With the holiday season coming up, The Bell 47 Helicopter Story will be sold at the discount price of only $75.00 plus postage in Canada and the USA. GST tax will apply for all books sold in Canada. This price will be good until ...

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