The Bell 47 Helicopter Story

Festive Holiday SPECIAL

Hello all fans of the Bell Model 47 helicopter:

With the festive holidays soon approaching, it is time to advertise the special sale of The Bell 47 Helicopter Story for the price of only $75.00 per book plus postage and GST tax in Canada. Sale date is Nov. 15 to Dec. 31, 2015

The Bell 47 Book can be purchased from the American Helicopter Society International website and overseas from the Aviation Mega Store in The Netherlands. They are both repeat customers who have reordered the Bell 47 book numerous times.

The Niagara Falls Aerospace Museum also has a limited supply of the Bell 47 Helicopter Story for sale.

Contact me at for further information. I accept PayPal and personal cheques.

It is hard to beleive that two years have passed since the book was published. Get your copy before they are all gone. There will not be a second printing.

Fine Scale Modeler reviewed The Bell 47 Helicopter Story recently - Pioneering Bell Chopper's History in Detail:

"If you are interested in building a Bell 47 - and there are a bunch of kits out there -  it's hard to believe you'll find a better referance."

Positive comments from people who purchased the Bell 47 Book continue to arrive in the mail and via email. Following are some happy customers over the past year:

"Thanks so much for the copy of "The Bell 47 Story". It is a masterpiece. I will be age 100 in a couple of months, so don't get out much anymore. I know I will enjoy reading your book."

"Thank you so much for the Bell 47 Helicopter Book. I was shocked when it came. I cannot believe the information and detail. This had to take a lot of time and research. The wealth of information is outstanding. Thank you again."

" I received your book yesterday in the mail, and I am very, very pleased! What a masterpiece! I learned to fly helicopters in the Bell 47, so the aircraft has a special place in my heart. Thanks again, I look forward to reading!"

"Book arrived today in perfect shape. The most amazing detail I've ever seen."

"The book arrived today -WOW! Many of these projects or pictures have not been seen before...I think the comments on the back of the book and elswhere are gross understatements about this invaluabe masterpiece!!!!!!! Thank you so much."

"The Bell 47 Book is well researched and presented. You have much to be proud of."

"Your Bell 47 Book arrived yesterday in good condition. It is a real work of love."

"Book arrived today -absolutely beautiful and worth every penny!"

"The book arrived in excellent condition. All I can say is WOW. It is everything that I had hoped for and more. It surely is the Bell 47 Bible. You did a first class job. The pictures and information are amazing. The only problem I have is my arm gets tired holding the book. And that is a good thing with all the information inside. For those of us that have been waiting for this book it is well worth the wait."

"Finished the 47 book on Sunday night. A major read! but I enjoyed it all. I thought that it may be a little dry working  through each model chapter by chapter but I found anything but dry as soon as I got into it. What a load of work you guys put into it. I learned so much. Congratulations on producing a first class product. I would be surprised if there are many (any) complaints"

"I already spent a couple of hours reading the histories and watching the wonderful pictures. It is not a book, It is the BIBLE of the Bell 47, absolutely a must-have  for each aviation enthusiast. I was realy surprised to find very interesting information on models and prototypes which never made it into production. Some pictures are amazing! Great Job."