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Work continues on my next book on the History of Helicopters and Other Rotorcraft in Canada covering the piston age up to the start of the turbine age in the mid-1960s. I am always looking for historical photographs and related data to add to the story. Please contact me at the Helicopter Heritage Canada website. All photos will be digitized and returned to the individual senders. Your help is very much appreciated. 

Last week I had the opportunity to meet with an early Associated Helicopters pilot Mr. Graham Hansen who was trained by Tellef Vassjo chief pilot for the company. Hansen is 95 years old and learned to fly helicopters back in 1956. He loaned me his log books and many slides taken during his career flying helicopters.

I recently received log book entries from an early Kenting's  pilot Charlie Parkin who trained on the Sikorsky S-51 back in 1950 for the Deportment of Transport first helicopter from his son in Ontario. Charlie was trained on helicopters by Al Soutar back in 1948.

Today's feature story is about Phil Fillingham who learned to fly Royal Navy wartime Sikorsky R-4 helicopters in England just after the war. He later immigrated to Canada flying for Spartan Air Services. Phil moved to the USA first flying for Petroleum Helicopters and later other operators across the United States. I got to know Phil very well each year at the helicopter conventions  in the USA.

Top photo is Phil Fillingham next to a Royal Navy Sikorsky R-4 over in England around 1948. Bottom photo Phill Fillingham on the left next to author Bob Petite at a helcopter convention in the USA.

Enjoy the story.

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