Difficult Times in the World

Self Isolation - Lots of Free Time

Hello to all helicopter enthusiasts:

Spring is officially here today, however the whole world is in turmoil due to the Covid-19 virus. Who knows what the future lies for all of us. Most are in self-isolation and hunkered down in their homes waiting for the virus to subside.  Many will have lots of free time on their hands during these difficult unprecedented times. Why not purchase a book to read while cooped up in your home as the time drags by? Now is the time to beat the isolation blues. Currently, mail is still being delivered all across Canada and into the USA.

The Helicopter Heritage Canada website is still open and functioning with plenty of "The Bell 47 Helicopter Story" books available for sale at great prices. In Canada the Bell 47 book will be available for $89.95 including the postage up to the end of June, 2020. For prices in the USA contact me at bpetite@telusplanet.net about a reduced rate. Also available are copies of "Alberta Forestry Helicopters in Wildfire Management."

The Bell 47 Helicopter Story is selling briskly each month however we have plenty of stock on hand for purchase. No book has ever been returned. Many Bell Helicopter Retirees have bought the Bell 47 Book and commented very favorably. "Everybody loved the book on Bell's first commercial helicopter. One book was donated to the Tarrant County Archives in Fort Worth, Texas," said Harold Landers. 

Another happy purchaser wrote, "There are lots of new material covered in the book, that I have never seen before. You most have spent a lot of time researching into the subject. The Models 47F, 47K, 47L, and 47M plus the 47 turbine are a rare treat for an enthusiast like me."

"I saw the Bell 47 Book advertised in the magazine Aviation History. This will be a present for my father who used to fly this type of helicopter in the U.S. Navy in the 1960s", said another purchaser of the book. 

A buyer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia purchased a copy while in the USA for helicopter training. He was very impressed with the detail in the Bell 47 helicopter book.

Another purchaser of the Bell 47 book saw the review in the magazine Fine Scale Modeler. He was overwhelmed with the impressive detail covered on the Model 47.

The Bell 47 book is still available for sale at the Niagara Aerospace Museum in Niagara Falls, N.Y., the Vertical Flight Society in Alexandria, Virginia, and the Aviation Mega Store in The Netherlands. In Canada, the Bell 47 Helicopter Story is now available for sale on the magazine Canadian Aviator's  "The Aviator's Bookshelf" website, and is the source for Canadian aviation literature. It is also advertised in the magazine Canadian Aviator and COPA magazine. See the latest issue of Vertical magazine for an advertisement on purchasing The Bell Model 47 Helicopter Story.

The color photo on the top of the page is a current Bell 47D-1 helicopter still flying in southern California. This Bell helicopter was originally a Model 47D helicopter that was first owned by Central Aircraft Ltd. in the State of Washington back in 1948.

Everyone keep safe and stay healthy.