The Bell 47 Helicopter Book

Readers Comments

"The Bell 47 Helicopter Story" book sales continue to sell very well with copies going to the post office almost daily for shipment all over the world. All the books carried to the Helicopter Association International Heli-Expo in Anaheim, California were gone by noon of the third day back in February 25 to 27, 2014.

Mary Pociask, Helicopter Foundation International received two copies of the Bell 47 book for their silent auction. A bidder in Santa Fe, Texas was the winner with a high bid of $310.00.

We were set up at the Scott's Bell 47 booth who were kind enough to give us a table to promote and sell the Bell 47 books. Many brochures were given out after the books sold out. Next year, the Heli-Expo convention will be in Orlando, Florida during early March.

Comments received back from satisfactory customers have been very positive especially with the quality of the Bell 47 book.

Werner Kurz from Austria was one of the first overseas to receive his copy in January, 2014. He said, "The Book, I have in my hands!...fantastic, I am very happy, thank you so much!"

Larry Milberry's book review on his Canav Books BLOG has resulted in numerous sales.

Pierre Verhelst from Ontario Canada replied, "Your books are in! All I can say is WOW! WELL DONE! Now this is a Christmas gift."

Alan Beverstein from Ontario, an owner of both a Bell 47D-1 and Bell 47H-1, said in an email, "The book is very impressive, chocked full of information I have wondered about."

Paul Faltyn, Niagara Aerospace Museum in Niagara Falls, NY an owner of a Bell 47H-1 helicopter, said, "I received the book, thank you. It is fantastic, I had a hard time at the museum trying to read it, everyone wanted to look at it. It has many early color photos I have never seen before. Looking forward to reading the book."

J.Marc Gagnon from Quebec replied, "I was greatly impressed by the quality of the book and its pictures. I must confess that your book will occupy a very special place in my bookcase. It has a nostalgic and very emotional meaning to me because my dad introduced the Bell 47 in my life at a very young age."

Dr. Charles Lumsden, University of Toronto in Ontario received his copy. "The book arrived in pristine condition. Huge congratulations on this pace-setting achievement. I can't wait to get into a detailed explration of your splendid work in the weeks ahead."

Mike Reyno, publisher of Vertical magazine said, "Wow! What can I say. I don't think there is anything else that I could possibly learn about the Bell 47. Well done!"

Ian Macdonald from Canada replied, "I congratulate you on a job well done. What a treasure trove of early factory photographs and reproduced large enough to show all the details...I liked the period brochures reproduce in color and the variants and upgrades section is very useful..The book will be referred to frequently."

Jeff Jankovics from the USA said, "Your fantastic book arrived this afternoon. My sincerest Congratulations to both of you for this historical masterpiece.You Sir, did not disapoint! I just skimmed through the book for a few minutes and was floored by the quality and quantity of those photos! (not to mention the enormous amount of historical data.) This is going to be a book that I will thoroughly enjoy reading from cover to cover.. the book is well worth it and I mean every penny of it."

James Rickleffs, an early helicopter pioneer who just turned 100 years old said, "Thanks so much for the copy of the Bell 47 Story. It is a masterpiece."

Ron Wilkins a retired helicopter pilot and friend in Oregon said in an email, "The book is fantastic, Magnificent, and so much more than I ever expected. It will take me weeks to read every detail you have worked on for so long. You did a fantastic job on the printing and photos and the assembly of this book. It is a world class book!!!"

Steve Brousseau an owner of several Bell 47 helicopters, received his copy of the book. "Your book is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. I am proud to have played a small part in this wonderful piece of work.When I saw my Bell 47 N140B in the introduction section of the book, I was so overtaken by it that I couldn't sleep. Personally, you have include me as part of the history of the Bell 47 along side the great names that made it all possible. Congratulations on the fine work! I will begin getting the word out about the book."

Joey Rhodes president of The Bell 47 Helicopter Association Inc. announced to the membership that the Bell 47 bookhad arrived and was ready for sale. He added a link to the Bell 47 Helicopter Book on the Helicopter Association website.

The Niagara Aerospace Museum in Niagara Falls, NY website has a link to the website. The website says that it is a great book on the history of the Bell 47. A must read for all aviation enthusiasts.

Mike Hirschberg, executive director of the American Helicopter Society International in the USA said, "I received the Bell 47 book in the mail just now. Words cannot decribe how blown away I am. It is incredible. We will publish a book review in Vertiflite."

The book review was co-authored by Todd Carlson, son of Bell Aircraft's chief helicopter pilot Floyd Carlson, and Parrish Kelley, son of Bell Aircraft's chief engineer Bart Kelley. Todd carlson said, "The Bell 47 Helicopter Story answered all of my hopes and much more.It is a beautiful, entertaining, complete, and probably the only place a Model 47 enthusiast could ever go to gain a complete understanding of one of the most iconic and loved aircraft ever flown. The authors' passion is very clear. It is the result of years of research and countless months of writing and editing...the book chronicles the development of the many versions and uses of tha Model 47 and is packed with interesting stories and surprising facts.

Parrish Kelley stated, "There are nearly 1400 illustrations, or about two per page, most of which are photographs (some in color), but there are also exploded diagrams, advertisements, blueprints, three-view drawings, and miscellaneous images, illustrating the evolution of the Model 47 through its production life... I am indebted to the authors for their energies in bringing the book to publication. Almost none of the Bell old-timers, most of them gone now, could have done a better job, and no one would have been more thorough. This book will always have pride of place in my library."

Check out further comments of the book review in Veriflite, Vol. 60, No. 2., March/April 2014.

Roger Connor, helicopter curator for the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum said, "The Bell 47 Book looks fantastic. I will start working on a review."

John Boyle in the western USA says, " A nice piece of work.I have been waiting for a detailed book on the 47."

Jay Miller, aviation writer and photographer said, Wow! Your Model 47 book is absolutely terrific! Will probably remain the definitive work until the end of time...What a treasure. And so much fresh photographs. And so many familiar faces... Thanks for what you have done. It's a long-overdue tribute to a truly great helicopter."

What more can I say? Satisfied customers love the Bell 47 book. Go to the website and order your own personal copy of The Bell 47 Helicopter Story before prices go up.