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To all helicopter enthusiasts in 2019:


Now is your opportunity to purchase THE book on the history of the famous and iconic Bell 47 helicopter. I am putting The Bell 47 Helicopter Story on sale for February/March 2019 at the sale price of only $ 60.00 plus postage. this is a real bargain as the normal price is $ 89.95. Here is your chance to obtain this publication for your personal library. Stocks of the book are getting down so do not wait too long to buy your copy. Buy a book for yourself or your friends. This is the lowest price ever for the encyclopedia of the Bell Model 47 helicopter. You will not be disappointed. I have had glowing reports back from customers and no one has ever returned a copy. 

Recent Customer Comments:

"The book arrived in great shape!!! Exceptional !!!! The photos of experimental prototypes of the different variants are priceless!!! Fantastic!! Lots of info to Digest."

"I received the book in the mail today. Wow !!  It is going to take me some time to get through all the book but looking forward to it."

What can I say?  My other book on Forestry Helicopters in Wildfire Management is also selling well. If you like helicopter history in Alberta Canada, this one is for you. Price $30.00 plus postage. Canadian buyers will have to pay the GST sales tax.

For your information, the Bell 47 books can be purchased on Amazon, E-Bay, the Vertical Flight Society, the Aviation Mega Store in The Netherlands,and the Niagara Aerospace Museum however you will have to pay full price. website is the place to get the real bargain. Do not miss out.

The attached photograph is Associated Helicopters modified Bell Model 47D rotary-wing aircraft in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This was the first Canadian commercial helicopter in Alberta and arrived in the back of a dump truck back in 1950. Note  that the helicopter is on wheeled gear. This was before skids were available for helicopters. The helicopter was first used in oil and gas exploration in northern Alberta and flown by a  U.S. pilot for the first year. No Associated pilots were trained on helicopters at the time. Telleff Vassjo was the first Associated fixed wing pilot to be trained on the Bell 47D in the fall of 1950 at the airport in Edmonton, Alberta.

Bob Petite

HOLIDAY SEASON Mon, 3 Dec 2018 00:00:00 MST

Hello all helicopter enthusiasts:

With the holidays approaching in a few weeks, now is the time to purchase that unique book on rotary wing aviation to read during the cold winter days when one cannot get outside. What a perfect time to purchase. Price includes GST tax in Canada plus shipping at a reduced price. The Bell 47 Helicopter Story is only $ 75.00 including GST, while the Alberta Forestry Helicopters in Wildfire Management is only $30.00 including GST. Special is on until December 31st. Now that the POST OFFICE strike is finally over, this is a great time to purchase these important historical helicopter books. Contact and take advantage of the specials.

Larry Milberry owner of Canav Books/Toronto Ontario on the left photo shows off the book on The Bell 47 Helicopter Story at the Freisen publishers in Manitoba. The book is available on my website , the Aviation Mega Store in the Netherlands, and the American Helicopter Society (Now the Vertical Flight Society) in the USA. Just type in Bell 47 Helicopter Story and you can read numerous coverage of excellent, positive reviews of this important history of the Bell Model 47 helicopter. Get your copy soon before they all sell out. The book will not be reprinted.

Larry Milberry's Canav is THE aviation book publisher in all of Canada. Check out his website. One can purchase some of the best aviation books ever published on Canadian aviation history. He has an extensive set of different aviation books for sale. Plus he sells many other author's publications some quite rare and hard to find. Check him out. Military aviation in Canada is his passion. You will not be disappointed.